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French; meaning to Beautify


Embellir Brow and Beauty Bar is a wonderfully simple concept. The main focus is on the eyes and treatments that can make the biggest difference to how a woman feels about herself.  For that reason we pride ourselves on our ability to listen and deliver the outcomes the client wants.



Q & A with Alexia


Alexia is a highly qualified Beauty Therapist who has been providing varied services in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She started her apprenticeship as a nineteen year old on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, then later went on to work for one of the most respected women in the  beauty industry, Anita Roddic, founder of The Body Shop. It was Anita's business principals and love of service to her loyal customers that sparked the passion within Alexia to one day own her own salon.


What was the Embellir inspiration?


"What really inspires me is the ability to make someone feel good on the inside by helping them look good on the outside. I've had the privilege of helping thousands of women look and feel beautiful and I'm grateful to each one because sometimes I think I get as much out of providing the services as they get receiving them! When a woman feels beautiful in her own skin, she radiates; and that's a wonderful gift to be a part of."


What makes Embellir different?


"I'd say it's a combination of the simplicity of the business model, the core values and my never ending passion to make women feel great about themselves. Anita Roddic started the Body Shop with very little money and two small children at home. The rags to riches story came not from having a huge marketing budget or the internet to sell on. What she did so right was personal. She listened to the women of her community and met the needs of her customers. I share this simple but effective business philosophy at Embellir. I love my Bangalow and Northern Rivers community so for me it is a pleasure."



Why the specific focus on brows and lashes?


"It's simple. Rapid transformation. Eyes are the most important feature we have. They are known as "the window to the soul" and having framed and highlighted so many of them, I completely agree! A simple lash lift or eyebrow treatment can transform more mature eyes from looking tired to suddenly being 'lifted'. The highlight on youthful eyes accentuates that natural beauty and playfulness of youth. I've found no other treatments which can provide this level of rapid transformation."


How does your business model fit with Bangalow?


"I moved to Bangalow from Sydney 15 yrs ago in the search for a simpler more enriching life. My husband and I fell in love with the beauty, the community and the simplicity. I found this amazingly connected and supportive community of women. I knew if I were to live the dream... it would be here."



"Women are beautiful because of their individuality. My job is to bring out that internal beauty and help them express it on the outside."



Alexia Rolfe

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